Polylevel® For Commercial Use

At SmartLevel Concrete, our professionals select the right PolyLevel® formula for your commercial project, whether it's concrete leveling, void filling, soil stabilization, or joint stabilization. We can use PolyLevel® to:

  • Level uneven sidewalks and driveways
  • Repair industrial buildings and warehouse floors
  • Level uneven roads and bridge approaches
  • Void filling and erosion control

Advantages Of PolyLevel® For Commercial Concrete Repairs

When compared to unreliable and costly repair methods such as mudjacking or concrete replacement, PolyLevel® offers several features and benefits:

Strong But Light

Despite its lightweight, PolyLevel® can support substantial loads and provides greater lifting power than mudjacking.


Fully cured, PolyLevel® does not wash away. PolyLevel® has waterproofing properties making it beneficial in specific applications.

Stable And Inert

PolyLevel® is environmentally friendly and does not react with soil or moisture. It will not degrade and leach harmful chemicals into the ground.

Quick Curing

Downtime is minimal with PolyLevel® concrete repair. Applying weight to your foundation, roadway, or other structural elements can begin about 15 minutes after injection.


PolyLevel® can be adjusted for a wide range of situations. By fine-tuning the chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand, it can be adjusted for soil characteristics, temperature, and weather conditions.


PolyLevel® injection equipment is lightweight, enabling our people to access confined areas. When used correctly, PolyLevel® is not as messy or disruptive as other slab and foundation-lifting techniques.


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