Why Concrete Pool Decks Sink

Surprisingly, many concrete pool decks sink and settle because of the pool construction process. What causes the slabs to sink is the backfill soil added around the pool after excavation. This soil is usually less dense and compact than undisturbed soil. When a concrete slab is poured around the pool, this loose soil will compress under the slab's weight, causing the concrete to sink, settle, and crack.

How We Raise And Restore Concrete Pool Decks

SmartLevel has a minimally invasive solution for concrete pool decks that can lift and level them back into place: PolyLevel®. A polyurethane foam, PolyLevel®, is injected beneath a settled deck, raising it back into place while simultaneously compacting the soil underneath so the problem won't reoccur. Exclusive to SmartLevel, PolyLevel® saves you time and money without disrupting your landscaping.

Our process for repairing sunken concrete with PolyLevel®:

  • We start by boring penny-sized holes into each affected concrete slab
  • Then we inject the holes with polyurethane foam, which expands and raises the slab
  • Foam is injected until the pool deck is level
  • The holes and any additional cracks are then sealed for a seamless finish

Frequently Asked Questions About Leveling Concrete Pool Decks

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive from our customers about lifting, leveling, and repairing concrete pool decks with PolyLevel®.

Is PolyLevel® expensive?

Repairing your pool deck will never cost less than it does now. PolyLevel® is cost-effective because it offers a long-lasting solution, unlike mudjacking and slab replacement.

How soon can I use my pool?

By design, PolyLevel® cures very fast. In most cases, you can use your pool deck just 15 minutes after being lifted with PolyLevel®.

Is PolyLevel® environmentally friendly?

Yes. PolyLevel® is made from an environmentally friendly, waterproof material that won’t degrade and release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil.

Can I get PolyLevel® from the hardware store?

No. PolyLevel® is a proprietary product developed by Foundation Supportworks and is available exclusively from SmartLevel in Central Ohio.

What's the next step?

Contact us for a FREE quote. Our concrete professionals will come to your property and inspect your concrete. They will then explain what caused your issues and how we can fix them. 

Pool Concrete Repair | SmartLevel Concrete | Before SmartLevel RepairBefore
Pool Concrete Repair | Cracked Concrete | SmartLevel Concrete | After SmartLevel RepairAfter
Pool Concrete Repair |  Uneven Concrete | SmartLevel Concrete | Before SmartLevel RepairBefore
Pool Concrete Repair | Corrected Repair Pool Concrete | SmartLevel Concrete | After SmartLevel RepairAfter

Examples Of Our Pool Deck Repairs Using PolyLevel®


From SmartLevel Customers

Andy Lohr
Andy Lohr
Very impressed with the work getting done quickly from time of quote. The guys who came to work were very friendly and were very efficient, completing work in about 3 hours. I had several areas lifted and leveled and the rest was stabilized.
Matt Hofmann
Matt Hofmann
Raised steps and side walk in the front and rear of the house
Steve Miklas
Steve Miklas
Very professional. Arrived on time with clear communication. Would recommend to anyone who has concrete issues.
Kary Perkovic
Kary Perkovic
Excellent company. They are very professional, easy to work with, and did a great job.
Stephanie Ofoe
Stephanie Ofoe
We thought no power wash. When workers arrived it was very needed. Please listen to your sales consultant. Wash snd sealed fantastic. Very happy
Connie Godwin
Connie Godwin
Maverick and his partner both did a wonderful job. They took the time to explain what they were doing, and then reviewed everything with me afterwards. Very courteous and professional.
Dale Laderach
Dale Laderach
They were very efficient from scheduling the estimate through follow up after the work was completed. The crew were on time, efficient and completed the job to my satisfaction. I would recommend them for your project.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones
Excellent contractor. They do exactly what they say they’re going to do! Great job
Rodney Thompson
Rodney Thompson
SmartLevel concrete did a very good job on our leveling project. Technicians Chris and DeAndre arrived at their scheduled time and gave a brief overview of work to be done. They leveled steps and portions of our driveway and sidewalk. There was even some structural issues they pointed out once the process was completed. I have since recommended them to others for similar projects.
Maxine Ryal
Maxine Ryal
Chris and Brian called to let us know they were on their way. They power washed our garage, entry steps, and all sidewalks. They leveled all surfaces as much as possible around our 30 year old house. They filled all existing cracks with a substance that matches the rest of the concrete so they’re less noticeable. On hands and knees, Chris filled every seam between sidewalk and driveway slabs. I’m amazed that the seams are so even. The also sealed all surfaces with a spray which works to prevent water from being absorbed by the concrete. The results of all their hard work are amazing.

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