When Is Mudjacking NOT Appropriate?

Unlike polyurethane injection, you should never consider mudjacking for concrete lifting in your home. For starters, the material used for mudjacking isn't waterproof, making it not ideal for our climate here in Ohio.

For example, if you have unsealed concrete, moisture can seep into the slurry and freeze, causing it to expand and erode, undoing the leveling process.

Another reason mudjacking isn't appropriate for your home is weight. If mixed correctly, the slurry used in mudjacking will be cured and rock solid within 24 hours. Unfortunately, when this new base is combined with the slab's weight, it puts more pressure on the soil below, leading to additional settling.

Our Alternative To Mudjacking - PolyLevel®

An alternative solution to mudjacking, PolyLevel® lifts concrete slabs to a level position and provides long-lasting stabilization. Dry in less than an hour; PolyLevel® is the right choice for your concrete leveling needs because it is:

Strong But Light

PolyLevel® is lightweight and can support substantial loads providing greater lifting power than mudjacking.


Unlike mudjacking, PolyLevel® is waterproof and does not freeze or wash away.

Quick Curing

Compared to mudjacking, which takes 24 hours or longer to dry, PolyLevel® dries in 15 minutes after injection.


PolyLevel® can be adjusted for a wide range of situations. By fine-tuning the chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand, it can adapt to soil characteristics, temperature, and weather conditions.


PolyLevel® injection equipment isn't bulky, enabling applicators to access confined areas. It is also not as messy or disruptive as mudjacking slab-lifting techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions About PolyLevel®

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive from our customers about lifting and leveling sunken concrete slabs with PolyLevel®.

Is PolyLevel® expensive?

Repairing your concrete will never cost less than it does right now. PolyLevel® is cost-effective because it offers a long-lasting solution, unlike mudjacking and slab replacement.

How soon can I use my driveway/patio/pool deck/sidewalk?

By design, PolyLevel® cures very fast. In most cases, you can drive a car over a driveway slab just 15 minutes after it’s been lifted with PolyLevel®.

Is PolyLevel® environmentally friendly?

Yes. PolyLevel® is made from an environmentally friendly, waterproof material that won’t degrade and release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil.

Can I get PolyLevel® from the hardware store?

No. PolyLevel® is a proprietary product developed by Foundation Supportworks and is available exclusively from SmartLevel in Central Ohio.

What’s the next step?

Contact us for a FREE quote. Our concrete professionals will come to your property and inspect your concrete. They will then explain what caused your issues and how we can fix them.

Cracked Concrete Sidewalk | SmartLevel | Before PolyLevel® | SmartLevel ConcreteBefore
Repaired Concrete Sidewalk | SmartLevel | After PolyLevel® | SmartLevel ConcreteAfter
Cracked Concrete Sidewalk | SmartLevel | Before PolyLevel® | SmartLevel ConcreteBefore
Repaired Concrete Sidewalk | SmartLevel | After PolyLevel® | SmartLevel ConcreteAfter

Examples Of Our Concrete Repairs Using PolyLevel®


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