Why Concrete Driveways Sink

Erosion is the common cause of sinking concrete driveways. Erosion happens when the soil underneath your concrete driveway washes away, creating a void. Over time, as this void gets larger, the concrete slab can no longer support its weight and the vehicles on top, causing cracks and portions of it to sink.

How We Restore Concrete Driveways

Unlike competitors who focus on surface-level repairs or push for total replacement, SmartLevel Concrete has a minimally invasive solution that can restore your driveway: PolyLevel®. A polyurethane foam, PolyLevel® addresses the root cause of your sunken driveway.

Our process for repairing sunken concrete with PolyLevel®:

  • We start by boring penny-sized holes into each affected concrete slab
  • Then we inject the holes with polyurethane foam, which expands and raises the slab
  • Foam is injected until the driveway is level
  • The holes and any additional cracks are then sealed for a seamless finish

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Driveway Leveling

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive from our customers about lifting, leveling, and repairing concrete driveways with PolyLevel®.

Is PolyLevel® expensive?
Repairing your concrete driveway will never cost less than it does now. PolyLevel® is cost-effective because it offers a long-lasting solution, unlike mudjacking and slab replacement.
How soon can I use my driveway?

By design, PolyLevel® cures very fast. In most cases, you can drive a car over a driveway slab just 15 minutes after being lifted with PolyLevel®.

Is PolyLevel® environmentally friendly?

Yes. PolyLevel® is made from an environmentally friendly, waterproof material that won’t degrade and release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil.

Can I get PolyLevel® from the hardware store?

No. PolyLevel® is a proprietary product developed by Foundation Supportworks and is available exclusively from SmartLevel in Central Ohio.

What's the next step?

Contact us for a FREE quote. Our concrete professionals will come to your property and inspect your concrete. They will then explain what caused your issues and how we can fix them.

Uneven Driveway | SmartLevel | Before Concrete LevelingBefore
Even Driveway | SmartLevel | After Concrete LevelingAfter
Uneven Driveway | SmartLevel | Before Concrete LevelingBefore
Even Driveway | SmartLevel | Before Concrete Leveling | Driveway RepairAfter

Examples Of Our Driveway Repairs Using PolyLevel®


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