Now you may be wondering, how does my gutters being clogged have anything to do with my concrete being unlevel? One is up in the air and the other is on solid ground! While this may be true, clogged gutters or pipes can cause some serious damage to your concrete. 

Gutters get clogged with all sorts of debris such as dirt, leaves, twigs or the stray ball from a game gone awry. Without annual cleaning and upkeep these things can cause some back up on your gutters which does not allow the water to properly drain away from your home.  Now the water has to go somewhere and it all can’t evaporate so you end up with waterfalls around your home. Those waterfalls pool up around your foundation, patios and walkways and wash away dirt from those areas. 

When the dirt gets washed away it creates voids underneath concrete which causes your concrete to sink. Sunk and unlevel concrete is a bad look and it can create some dangerous tripping hazards too. 

Another similar issue is the pipes underneath the ground that take the water away from the house can become clogged or cracked and cause washout. Tree roots are a major cause of damaged pipes because they grow right into the pipe and crack it which causes leaks. Just like the water from gutters causing washout and sinking your concrete, water from pipes can do the same. 

So what shall you do about it? The first step is to clean out your gutters, ensure that proper drainage is in place to take the water away from your home and keep an eye out for failing pipes. Then give us a call to fix your concrete with PolyLevel and NexusPro to keep it looking its best for years to come.