A lot of people are conscientious on how the things they do daily impact the environment. Have you ever thought about how the concrete around your home has impacted the environment? Keep reading to learn how it has. 

Concrete comes from cement. Cement is a mix of clay, limestone and other materials after being fired in a kiln. Concrete is then made by mixing the cement with bits of stone and sand. The process of creating concrete does not emit much Carbon Dioxide, CO2, but the process of creating cement does, because of the amount of heat that is used. So because cement is in concrete, concrete becomes an emitter of CO2. 

So what’s the rub? Well we know concrete is never going to go away. It is the second most consumed product in the world, next to water. However, we can cut back on our consumption of concrete by repairing our current concrete instead of always replacing it! 

It is true that some concrete is beyond repair, such as when it is crumbling, flaking or just looks like a pile of gravel. However, if your concrete is suffering from some cracks or just plain unlevel it can be easy and cost effective to get it fixed! 

Give SmartLevel Concrete a call for a free inspection to see if we can repair your concrete and help the Earth a little bit too!