What is the scary thing lurking under your concrete? It isn’t ghosts or goblins or even spiders. It is voids! Now you may say, “I don’t think voids are that scary”, but boy are you wrong! Voids can cause all sorts of problems to your concrete. 

How are voids formed? Voids are formed when water gets under the surface of your concrete through cracks. When the water gets down there it washes away poorly compacted soil leaving room for voids to form. Once they are formed your concrete has no stable foundation to sit on. When there is no stable foundation your concrete cracks and sinks! 

Fortunately, that is where we come in! We are able to use PolyLevel, a 2 part polyurethane foam, to lift and level your concrete back to how it should be. We are also able to fill those voids with foam that are causing all the problems. 

Our inspectors are able to tap around and listen for voids even if your concrete hasn’t cracked and sunk yet. That way you can prevent sinking concrete before it even happens! Set up a free inspection of your concrete to keep those scary voids away!