When most people think of construction they think that bad communication comes with it. However, here at SmartLevel Concrete that is not the case. Our goal is to make sure that our customers know what each step of the process is from start to finish. 

It starts with our front desk. When you reach out to us whether online or with a phone call you can expect an answer in a timely manner. If we can’t answer your call immediately we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

The next step in the process of good communication is with our sales inspectors. They call every customer a few days ahead of their appointment and on the way to make sure that the appointment time still works for them. In addition, our appointments typically take 1 to 2 hours. This allows our inspectors to measure all the concrete and create a specialized quote for the customer. Taking the time to explain the quote to the customer ensures that there is no misunderstanding over what will be done on the customers property. 

Our install teams also call on the way to the job site. We give a general time of when we will be at your home on the day of the install but the on the way call ensures the customer knows when we will land on their doorstep. Our install teams also walk through the project with the customer after it has been completed. This allows any questions or concerns to be addressed before we leave the property. 

Lastly, our front desk reaches back out to the customer after the project is completed to ask how the project went and if anything needs to be addressed. We want to make sure the customer’s experience is great from start to finish and a final call wraps that up! 

We want to redefine the construction industry and the best way to do that is with proper communication along the way! 

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